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Academy Program

Passionate about esports? Ready to grow and compete?


Elkhorn Esports Academy's league program is set up with two core missions. First, we aim to create an exciting environment to empower young esports athletes to pursue their passion of excelling at the highest level of competitive gaming. Second, we strive to educate students on the growing esports industry and provide insight on the many career paths within the industry.


Our Academy league program is open to students-athletes grade six through twelve who are ready to be a part of an amazing team of fellow esports athletes with dedicated coaches and a strong community willing to provide various opportunities.


Competitive gaming builds strong collaboration, analytical problem-solving skills, and inspires creativity and critical thinking. These components are the building blocks of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills. With a core focus on player development, our Esports Stars™ programming brings STEM to life while developing well rounded athletes, connections in the esports industry at the collegiate and professional levels, and lifelong friendships.

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